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Vilnius City Accomodations

Mabre Residence Hotel
Maironio str. 13, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 212 20 87, +3705 212 21 95
Fax: +3705 212 22 40
Email: mabre@mabre.lt
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Mabre Residence Hotel is steeped in history. Though the dates are uncertain, it is more than 500 years old, when the neighborhood was occupied by tanners and leatherworkers. In 1506, it was mentioned as the residence of the local Metropolitan of the Orthodox Church. Subsequently, it was a veterinary center, a residence for soldiers (being located nearby the Gates of the Saviour – Išganytojų Vartai), the Vilnius administrative center, and later a residence for people employed by the Orthodox Curch of the Holy Mother of God.
After years of mixed use, the Soviets turned one building in the complex into living units, while the others were abandoned. After WWII, that building was returned to the Orthodox community, but in derelict condition (all that remained of two buildings were the foundations). By 1990, the site was under repair, and reconstruction was completed in 1995, when the result – the Mabre Residence Hotel complex – received an award for being the best restored building in Old Town that year.



Shakespeare Hotel
Bernardinu str. 8/8, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 2665 885
Fax: +3705 2665 886
Email: info@shakespeare.lt
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Beautifully refurbished and maintaining the elaborate features of its time, located near to the neo-classical cathedral and Town Hall. At one time belonging to the aristocrat families of the Olizars, Kosakowsky and Lopachinsky, was said at some point to have been the secret meeting location of mason brothers.
The Shakespeare Hotel Vilnius features a number of conveniences and facilities for a multitude of occasions; including sizeable or intimate family and friend get-togethers, business meetings in addition to banquets and functions of all types. Guests can escape from their daily schedule, by having an enjoyable, indulging stay in the capital city of Lithuania. Astound business partners and set up a conference or meeting in this superb setting – it’ll never be forgotten about. Stroll through the Old Town, and study the architectural structures of an era of luxury, splendour and nobility. The incredible architectural structures and awesome history of this place is there to appreciate. Frequent the highly sought after, luxury shops in Vilnius for designer clothes, amber in addition to fantastic art work and the city’s open markets are very well worth a visit as well.
Current day surroundings of modern business centres found in the core of the Old Town certainly are a strong form a contrast to this at one time cosy and charming township. Nowadays guests staying at the Shakespeare Hotel have got a brilliant possibility to observe and really feel both eras at the same time.
Comfort is at the forefront of prime quality Vilnius Hotels, in which attention to every guest desires is extremely important. The Shakespeare Hotel in particular provides a unique possibility to provide its guests the opportunity of enjoying the authentic feel of true luxury from the baroque time period. This breath-taking, palatial hotel in Vilnius manages the tiniest detail, so that hotel guests can take pleasure in their stay. Without doubt, anyone visiting this area is going to be enthralled by the settings of this amazing town. The Shakespeare Hotel wants to share this magical place with their guest visitors, to indulge every guest with delicious food and also to generate interest in an era that once was. The Shakespeare simply strives to be the finest of Vilnius Hotels.



Skapo apartments
S. Skapo str. 8, Vilnius

Reservations: +370 680 555 04
Fax: +370 5 262 15 83
Email: info@skapoapartments.lt
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Opened to public in 2010 Skapo Apartments is an acommodation sight located in the UNESCO-protected Vilnius Old Town. In this historically rich place there used to be a mansion (not remained because of being wooden) of Lithuanian Grank Duke’ treasurer Stanislaus Skapas. The present house is dating back to 1795 which is now accepted to the National Heritage Register and saved by government as an important monument of Classicism architectural style.
Skapo Apartments is an apartment complex with separate entrances for all apartments that provide accommodation for individual travelers, families or small groups. A unique apartment character is emphasized by authentic eighteenth – nineteenth century wall decor (frescoes), exposed ancient wall fragments, arches, refurbished and still in use wooden floors, doors dating back to more than hundred years. Each room has a unique and different interrior style.
Apartments offer relaxed atmosphere, are spacious and equipped with modern home appliances, free Wi-Fi wireless internet access throughout the all-apartment area. Some rooms offer a view of historical Skapo street while others face charming and calm Skapo Street courtyards.
Walking distrance from Skapo Apartments to the Cathedral square – 2 min., Pilies street – 1 min. Vilnius University / Presidential Palace – 1 min.



Amberton Hotel
L. Stuokos-Guceviciaus str.1, Vilnius

Reservations: +370 5 210 7461, +370 5 210 7460
Fax: +370 5 210 7460
Email: vilnius@amberton.lt
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It is impossible to find a better and more convenient place for business guests, participants of conferences/seminars, or tourists. 4 star hotel AMBERTON is located in the very centre of Vilnius city, in the very Cathedral square. Every street or round corner from the hotel will take you to the most popular, famous, and important areas of Vilnius city. It is the hotel in the centre of Vilnius and our neighbours are:The National Museum – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Gediminas Tower, Gates to the Old Town (beginning of the Pilies street), Presidential Palace, Gediminas Avenue.
AMBERTON hotel offers spacious rooms with calm interior and views to the main city square and Cathedral. Natural colours: green like moss, reddish like poppy field, azure like blooming flax, daffodil yellow, dark brown like chocolate. There are no bright annoying colors that could tire you after working day or could spoil your impression after Old Town stroll. 4 * AMBERTON Hotel rooms due to unique architecture of the building are located in two wings of the building and are more spacious than other Old Town hotels could offer. Hotel offers 98 rooms.



Centro Kubas- Angel
Stikliu str. 3, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 266 08 60
Fax: +3705 266 08 63
Email: hotel@centrokubas.lt
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Centro Kubas– Angel isa small and homey hotel located in the heart of the Old Town, near the Rotuses Square. It was set up in 01131 on Stikliu Street, once famous for the first manual factory. The very convenient location of the hotel makes the most eminent places–Rotuse, the Cathedral, the Hill of Three Crosses, Gediminas Castle and a lot of museums– be reached within a walking distance. The present day Old Town, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, perfectly harmonizes with the features of the contemporary life-style. The heart of the town beats right here-there are a lot of financial centres, Presidential Palace and Ministries, posh shops, the best restaurants and the most entertaining pubs. A great number of visitors and locals are attracted by the snug and romantic Old Town, where the mysterious history merges with the hustle of the modern life. A distance of 10 km separates Centro Kubas– Angel hotel from the International Vilnius Airport and it is only 1 km to the centr al bus and train station. Centro Kubas– Angel hotel is harmoniously combined with the historical context of the town and extends the traditions of Lithuanian past. Our guests will find a lot of restored antique Lithuanian domestic appliances which add to the cosy and peculiar atmosphere. These ancient items make us imagine authentic Lithuanian countryside. In the court yard our guests are met by the welcoming ancient symbol – a wind mill. It brings alive a mysterious legend about the warmth and hospitality of Lithuanian millers. The story goes that every tired and hungry man coming to the miller’s house would leave it only after having a hearty meal and a good rest.



Apia Hotel
Šv. Ignoto str. 12, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 212 34 26
Fax: +3705 212 36 18
Email: apia@apia.lt
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Apia is a cosy family- owned hotel having a distinctive chamber atmosphere of Vilnius Old Town. Windows of every room open views to baroque style churches, Gediminas Castle, Presidential Palace, old lamps on Sv. Ignoto Street and silent courtyards. Small narrow streets will quickly take you to Vilnius University, St. Anne’s Church, Town Hall or Cathedral Square. These and other beauties of the Old Town as well as various cafes, bars and restaurants are within a few minutes from our hotel.



Grybas House Hotel
Ausros Vartu str. 3, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 264 74 74, +3705 261 96 95
Fax: +3705 212 24 16
Email: info@grybashouse.com
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It was the first family-run hotel in independent Lithuania. Today, the Grybas House hotel is a fine example of Lithuanian comfort and hospitality. From the outset the Grybas family has strived to create a feeling atmosphere of home away from home. Our hotel has undergone two extensive renovations – first in 1996 and then in 2004 – and is proud to offer spacious and modern rooms. Grybas House was the winner of the 1999 municipal hospitality award, as well again in 2008!
The hotel is tucked away in a quiet courtyard in Aušros Vartų street – the busiest cultural and shopping street of Vilnius. The Gates of Dawn, National Philharmonic, University, Town Hall, numerous art galleries, theatres, restaurants and boutique shops are within walking distance. In your free time there will be no shortage of activities for you and your family.



City Gate Hotel
Baziljonu str. 3, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 210 7306
Fax: +3705 210 7307
Email: hotel@citygate.lt
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Hotel City Gate is situated in the Old Town of Vilnius, next to the old gates of the city (16th c.), world wide known as the Gates of Dawn which is one of the most outstanding historical, cultural and religious objects in Vilnius. As soon as you go through them – all the gems of the old Vilnius and also restaurants, shops, nightclubs are at hand. Whether you are a tourist exploring the new sights or a businessman looking for both quality rest and exciting entertainment, our hotel is your best choice.What we offer for you is professional and cordial yet amiable service, stylish and cozy rooms, reliable communications and wireless Internet connection, solid breakfast and always an excellent price.



Conti Hotel
Raugyklos str. 7/2, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 251 41 11
Fax: +3705 251 41 00
Email: info@contihotel.lt
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The overall atmosphere of the hotel, its architectural elements, the classically elegant interior, colours and good aura reflect the spirit of the Old Town. Notably, in the 19th century, the present hotel area was inhabited by Jewish merchants. Spectacular panoramic view of Vilnius is seen through the windows of the rooms.Our 88 guest rooms can accommodate up to 159 guests and are always at your disposal. A variety of guest rooms, including single rooms, double rooms, business class, Suites and Apartments, provides an extensive freedom of choice. The CONTI hotel, with its specially equipped guest rooms and bathrooms, is particularly adapted for disabled guests. There are rooms for non-smokers as well.



Rinno Hotel
Vingriu str. 25, Vilnius

Reservations: +3705 262 2828
Fax: +3705 262 5929
Email: info@rinno.lt
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Opened in 2000, hotel RINNO was a choice for known actors, musicians, politicians and business people. Nearly all of our guests choose us repeatedly for number of reasons. They praise us for our location, price, breakfast, home-like atmosphere, services and attitude of our staff. When next time You are to visit Vilnius – please consider RINNO hotel Vilnius as a fine choice for stay.
Many celebrities and groups of visitors have stayed at RINNO hotel. Among other hotels in Vilnius we are often recommended for outstanding staff service, delicious made-on-request hot dishes on buffet breakfast and exceptional tidiness. Breakfast is offered in our breakfast lounge which has a nice view of the summer terrace and fountain with flowers.


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